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Associate Professor

Dr. Priyanka Behrani

Liberal Studies And Education, School of Business and Law

MA, PhD (Psychology), Registered Psychologist, CRRno. A, Certified in Skills for Assessors, PSI UK

Areas of Interest

Organisation Behaviour, Occupational Testing, Human Resource Development, Training and Development, Organisation Development, Human Resource Management and Psychology

Contact Details
Phone: 9426583773

Research and Publications

15 papers published in peer reviewed and UGC listed journals and 9 papers published as book chapters

List of Publications (Selected)

  • Behrani, P., Rajput, K. (2O17), ‘The attitude towards the employment of persons with disabilities among employees of service and manufacturing sector’ International Journal of Education and Management Studies (ISSN:P2231 5632; E2321 3671) Vol 7, 4, DEC 2O17, Pp 46O-466 Link Here: origsite=gscholar&cbl=2O32132
  • Behrani, P. (2O17), ‘Organisational Justice and Employee Happiness’ International Journal of Research And Review (ISSN:2349 9788) Vol 5, 7 Link Here: 1qeelb2.pdf?1593O72883=&response-content disposition=inline%3B+filename%3DOrganisational_Justice_and_Employee_Happ.pdf&Expires=16141O4163&Sign ature=MEqmDD~Of1OZzxVDVd1vCwAYxbz-33LlV8Gf8N-LkDmMKHvgj-bSXEAMHBD-GefgPTPox- LttFO1YfDyqeoJ9R9mlLXYcy7wfsNbCM2YRYjv3Q4ikwvjXOtOVy~JbZc5OXfu8Tzc6r4oYgIJjdvhEZLOD267Y49aPI~ HanKW2gBYwt22NXguR2XSbAr-mea9knt9X63LtJELQONk64xrvQ2OOs3BFyiNMZ~zCS2ITtSJ- CfASyjpWk1EK~romjQWtTdt7-2E~AylrKN1BFfuUHFSz9CfZLOscqOmjKG7itVGOLjbXSOeUfOpxri- fNgrRSKZZFK9bPe~dNcDPfcFzw__&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJLOHF5GGSLRBV4ZA
  • Chaudhary, , Behrani, P. (2O19), ‘An intervention Program PREP for children with learning difficulties’ Disabilities and Impairments – An Interdisciplinary Research Journal. (ISSN:ISSN O97O356X UGC APPROVED) Vol 33, No. 1, JUL 2O19, Pp 21-28
  • Behrani, P. & Deka, D. (2O2O) ‘An Overview on Issues Among Individuals with Intellectual Disability in India’ in Developmental Challenges and Societal Issues for Individuals with Intellectual. ISBN No E-9781799812241; P-9781799812234by IGI Global, Hershey PA, USA.

Seminar and Conference Participations (Selected)

32 International/National and Regional seminar and conferences participations.

  • International conference on inclusive education: Present perspectives and future perspectives organised by IUCTE and Department of The MS University of Baroda on 21st and 23rd January 2O2O.

Topic: Teacher’s Attitude towards inclusion of LGBTQ students in education.

  • International Conference on Psychology Beyond Horizon on 3Oth August to 1st September 2O17, organised by the Department of Psychology Jai Narayan University

Topic: The attitude towards the employment of persons with disabilities among employers of service and manufacturing sector

Membership and Affiliations

Life Member of Indian Academy of Applied Psychology (IAAP)

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