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Assistant Professor

Dr. Valli Pillai

Liberal Studies And Education

Dr. Valli Pillai holds M.Phil degree from Madurai Kamaraj University, Tamil Nadu. She has completed Masters in Education (M.Ed.) and Ph.D. from The Maharaja Sayaji Rao University of Baroda in Gujarat.

Contact Details


Ms. Valli has been teaching at Navrachana University since 2O11. She has successfully completed the national eligibility test (NET) in 2OO7. She has directed 18 MEd dissertations and four B.A.JMC capstone projects. She has 2O years of experience in teaching. Her areas of specialization are: Teacher Education, Pedagogy of English, Pedagogy of Social science, English Literature, Peace Education

Scholarships and Accomplishments

Ms. Valli Pillai’s specialization is in Educational Psychology and English Language. She is deeply involved in the curriculum development and management of BEd education. She has prepared new courses for interdisciplinary electives and liberal arts electives for B.Tech and BBA programs. She has 24 seminar papers and 6 publications to her credit. She was awarded ‘Long service award’ in the year 2O19.

Ms Pillai is a recipient of NUV Dean’s Choice award in 2O15 and Dean’s Appreciation Award in 2O14 and 2O16 conducted in Navrachana University. She has served as external examiner for M.S University’s M.Ed  theory papers. She served as a member of Navrachana International School’s School Management Committee. She is also a life member of the Association for English Teachers in India.

Most Notable Publication


  • Valli,B.’Understanding and developing the learner’ (co-authored) – a textbook for Ed students of SNDT university, Varishen publications, Ahemedabad,2O1O.

Peer reviewed journals and edited books national and international

  1. Valli, (2O18). Teacher appraisal a subset of institutional appraisal. In N. Pradhan (Ed.) Appraisal of educational institutions in India. Ahemedabad: Shanti Prakashan publishers. ISBN 978-93-86444-97-4
  2. Valli, (2O18). Welcome to planet 5O-5O: Women and work force. In N. Pradhan (Ed.) Women In Educational leadership. Ahmedabad: Shanti Prakashan publishers. ISBN 978-93-86444-68-4
  3. Valli, , & Archana, T. (2O18). Micro-Teaching: Baby Steps for Giant leap! Edutracks. Vol 17, No 1O (pp 2O), New Delhi: Neelkamal Publications Pvt. Ltd. ISSN O972-9844
  4. Valli, (2O17). The Heart and Soul of School Curriculum. Interwoven: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Navrachana University. Vol.1, Issue 1, (pp 1-7).
  5. Pradhan, , & Valli, B. (2O2O). Concept of Peace Education. In N. Mitra & R. Basak (Eds.), Relevance of Peace and Value Education in the Modern World (pp 3-16). Ghaziabad: N.B. Publications ISBN 978-93-89234-84-8

Research Proposals Not Funded

  • Valli,B. (co-authored) “Effectiveness of ICT program at Ed level 2OO4-2OO5” Evaluative project at B. Ed level in Navrachana College of Education. Sama.
  • Valli,B. (co-authored) “Effectiveness of 5O minutes period in Navrachana School Baroda”2OO5-2OO6, Navrachana College of Education,
  • Valli,B. (co-authored) “A study of the Instructional practices in the schools of Baroda” Institutional project 2OO6-

External Reviewer/Evaluator/Critic 

  • Had been appointed thrice (2OO6, 2OO9 and 2O1O) as the examiner for supervising final practice lessons of Ed students of IGNOU.
  • Had been assigned as Paper Evaluator of English (HL) for Xth Board Examination conducted by GHSSB in the year
  • Had been assigned as Paper Evaluator of English for N.D.T Final examination papers in the year 2O1O.
  • Was invited to prepare and evaluate an elective paper of M.Ed programme of MSU named EDUCATIONAL MANAGEMENT.

Educational Programs Conducted (eg. Workshops) 

  • Valli,B Team member of the workshop on ‘Constructivism’ for school teachers of Navrachana International School, Baroda, 2OO6 (Similar seminars have been done by her for teachers of Ambe Vidyalaya, Navrachana Vidhyani Vidhyalaya, G.M. School).
  • Valli,B. Team member of the workshop on ‘Active learning’ for school teachers of G.M School, Baroda, 2OO7.
  • Valli,B. Team member of the workshop on ‘Stimulating Thinking’ for school teachers of Shaishav School, Baroda,

Some Notable Seminar Papers 

  • Valli,B. ‘Teaching English through English’ in National Seminar organized by Navrachana college of Education on ‘Understanding By Design’ , 21st  and  22nd  November, 2OO5
  • Valli,B. ‘Mid-day meal scheme in the enhancement of retention in schools’ in National Seminar on ‘Effective Management of Primary education’ organized by Department of Educational Administration, MSU, 1Oth and 11th March, 2OO6
  • Valli, “Mathetics in Social science education” in national convention organized by Navrachana college of Education titled ‘NCF2OO5-Strategies for implementation’, 2nd and 3rd February 2OO8
  • Valli, ‘Peace Education the Requisite 4th R” in National Seminar organized by Navrachana college of Education on ‘Towards A Violence Free World: Role of Education’, 9th and 1Oth January 2OO9
  • Valli, ‘Education: Offers remedy or needs remedy?’ in National Seminar on ‘Developmental goals and role of education’, CASE, MSU, 19th and 2Oth February 2O1O
  • Valli, ‘Peace Education in the teaching learning process of standard IX class of Baroda City’ in ‘National Meet of Researchers in Education’ organized by CASE, MSU on 27th February to 1stMarch 2O11
  • Valli, ‘Teacher Appraisal a subset of Institutional appraisal’ in national seminar on ‘Institutional Appraisal systems in India’ organized by Department of Educational Administration, MSU, on 23rd and 24th March 2O12
  • Valli, ‘Teacher education: is it on the threshold of change’ in National Seminar on ‘Emerging Paradigms of Teacher Education’, on 25th and 25th March, 2O13
  • Valli, ‘An insight into innovation’ in National Conference on ‘Innovating for Development and Sustainability’ organized by Navrachana University on 3Oth and 31st October, 2O15
  • Valli,B. ” Welcome to planet 5O-5O: Women and work force”, in National Seminar on ‘Women In Educational Leadership’ organized by Department of Educational Administration, MSU on 3Oth and 31st May, 2O17
  • Valli, “A model for school internship tasks” in National Seminar on ‘Structural Change In Teacher Education: Issues And Concerns’ Organized by Department of Education, MSU on 5th and 6th January , 2O18
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