Develops Problem Solving and Analytical Skills
An engineering education gets your mind to think outside the box, developing your ability to think logically and to solve problems. In addition, the problem-solving strategies learned in engineering are readily transferable and they are in high demand in a variety of professions, including medicine, law and business.
Experiential Learning
Learn faster by doing it. Apply classroom theoretical learnings into practical experimentation and apply the knowledge gained to turn ideas into innovations through industrial trainings and internships.
Ready for Tomorrow
Equips you with the basic knowledge to get trained and ride the new wave of technological innovations of tomorrow. The world is changing at a fast pace. Apart from machines, robots too are finding place in every possible place. Be prepared for the next technological transformation with a course that enhances employability and aims to produce technological leaders, who are both creative and entrepreneurial.
Wide Choice for Further Studies
It also opens a host of options for higher education in India and abroad. An MTech or Master of Science by Research are viable next steps to look into, with a focus on a specialization you wish to take up and excel in. Specialization will provide an edge over others at a later stage especially during job interviews. A Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) is a popular choice as well, and a largely pursued one in India with great scope.
With its innovative programs, state-of-the-art facilities and outstanding faculty members who have extensive real-world industry experience, the School of Engineering and Technology, Navrachana University, aims to emerge as a center of excellence for holistic higher education.
Working in close association with industrial and academic experts, the School offers several unique undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the field of Engineering, with degrees in BTech, MTech, BCA and BSc-Data Science.
A four-year degree program designed in line with AICTE and UGC guidelines, the BTech program has been prepared in consultation with experts from industries, IITs and other premier institutes, with a prime focus on current industry trends and higher education prospects. Along with state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities, the program includes ultramodern laboratories, library, and extensive workshops.
The students at NUV are trained to develop a strong engineering acumen and a sound background in mathematics, chemistry, physics and underlying engineering concepts. The program also prepares students to focus on their interest in technology and excel in the career of their choice. The introduction of interdisciplinary courses in the curriculum ensures the overall personality development of engineering graduates
Electrical & Electronics Engineering Program (Minor specialization: Internet of Things - IoT)
The Electrical & Electronics Engineering program is supported through hands-on work in state-of-the-art laboratories, by well qualified and experienced faculty members in diverse fields, and a strong emphasis is placed on concurrently running theory and lab courses. As Electrical and Electronics Engineers are required by industries for operational, maintenance, research development and manufacturing purposes, you can look forward to lucrative career opportunities in Government as well as Private sectors upon completion of the course.
Civil Engineering
The Civil Engineering program at NUV gives students an understanding in fundamental sciences including solid, engineering and fluid mechanics, and core subjects such as analysis, design, construction, maintenance and estimation. Along with courses in science, mathematics and soft skills, the program also offers an interdisciplinary education in computational mechanics which combines knowledge and application of mechanics, mathematics and computer science to various solid bodies. You can further build expertise in the domain of your choice by opting for advanced elective subjects.
Mechanical Engineering
The Mechanical Engineering program at NUV offers you an understanding in fundamental science, core subjects, interdisciplinary education and builds expertise in the domain of your choice by offering advanced elective subjects. Learn to perform interactive design tasks using computers and select the most appropriate materials for a specific application. Students will also learn sustainable methods to design complex systems and solve technical problems. In addition to courses in science, mathematics and soft skills, the curriculum offers core courses and advanced technology courses in the field of automation, design, robotics, thermal systems, production and management.
BTech @ NUV Advantage
Emphasis on core engineering with strong laboratory and workshop components
Interdisciplinary approach for holistic learning
MoU with IBM for offering Internet of Things (IoT) Courses
Tie-up with Carleton University, Canada for Student Exchange Program
Emphasis on Industry-Academia partnership for better understanding of engineering education and application
Social Immersion Project and extra-mural activities in the field of technology, arts, and culture
Continuous evaluation and closed loop feedback system enhancing self-motivation, transparency, and learning
Well-structured classroom sessions, and close personal interaction with faculty
Regular workshops, talks and interactive sessions with industry experts
Experiential learning through hands-on work in state-of-the-art, well equipped laboratories
Participation in real-life projects to receive practical education
Strong education in Computer Programming
Internship & Research Project
Each student undergoes one industrial training
and two projects, all credit based.
1 Two months (summer training)
2 Two projects, six months in duration
Each student undergoes one industrial training
and two projects, all credit based.
1 Two months (summer training)
2 Two projects, six months in duration
Both industrial training and research projects provide an opportunity to students to build a healthy and positive relationship with the corporate world and pave the way for future placement.
Both industrial training and research project provide an opportunity to the students to build a healthy and positive relationship with the corporate world and pave the way for future placement.
Industry Connect
Regular live projects, guest lectures, industrial visits and internships expose students to current market and industry functions and needs. This enables students to identify areas of interest, explore possibilities and learn from the industry experts in real-business scenarios.
The NUV Industry Connect provides our graduates a double advantage – firstly they are more employable and as they have industry experience, they perform better in their first job and therefore, tend to grow faster.
Social Connect
We inculcate leadership, community awareness, and social sensitivity through the Khoj program.
Students explore problems challenging the society and engage with them in co-creating new innovations of social relevance. This course teaches students important lessons in problem-solving through technology, co-creation and how to detect opportunity to create win-win innovations. They also become valuable members of the society.
Our placement process is designed to make recruitment at NUV easy and flexible to optimize students’ success. During the placements process, which begins well in advance, students are recruited for permanent, full-time positions with various firms. The final placement process is conducted after the course completion.
A major portion of placements for candidates from NUV come from leading organizations like L&T, GE, Siemens, INFOSYS, PHONE PE, MG Motors India, InoxCVA, Indiamart, TCS, e-Infochips, Netweb Software Solutions, Geo Designs & Research (P) Ltd., Confidosoft, Pronix Technologies, Civica Resource Pvt. Ltd., Jaro Education, AT Inks, HDFC Ltd., Digit General Insurance and more.
To know more on our Training & Placements process click here
To know more on our Training & Placements process click here
Program Details
  • 8 Semesters
  • 167 credits - Electrical & Electronics Engineering Program (For Minor Specialization in Internet of Things – IoT 12 credits extra)
  • 160 credits - Civil Engineering (For Minor specialization in Construction Engineering 14 credits extra)
  • 169 credits – Mechanical Engineering (For Minor specialization in Robotics 12 credits extra)
  • Class size ranges from 30 to 50
  • Core Electives in 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th semester
  • Interdisciplinary Electives in 2nd and 3rd semester
Admission Process
Full-time | Four-year | Undergraduate Degree Program
Candidates should have passed 12th Standard (HSC) in Science Stream or its equivalent examination from any school in India (including Gujarat) and should have secured a minimum aggregate score of 45% marks (40% marks for SC/ST/SEBC) in theory only, or in theory and practical with Physics, Mathematics as compulsory subjects along with Chemistry or Biology or Technical vocational subjects. The candidates should have appeared for qualifying examinations like JEE (Main) and/or GUJCET, etc.
Admission to 50% seats (Gujarat seats) of the Program will be through ACPC (Admission Committee for Professional Courses), Government of Gujarat on basis of the merit list prepared by the ACPC. The remaining 50% seats (all out-of-the-state applications) will be filled from the all India candidates (including Gujarat) based on percentile score in JEE (Main) examination. Admission announcement for these 50% seats will be posted on the University's website.
  • Limited number of Merit Scholarships are available to meritorious students with a score of over 70% marks in Scholarship exam
  • The scholarship is offered to students whose parents combined income does not exceed 8 lakh rupees per year
  • Interested candidates must meet Admin Department after seeking admission
Limited accommodation facilities available for outstation students
91-97370 71700
The world you will encounter when you graduate three or four years from now, will not look anything like what it was when the textbooks were written. To ensure our students excel in a world that is changing at a never before rate, we at Navrachana University have developed a holistic curriculum wherein the emphasis is not just on gathering knowledge but on 'informed application in the real world'.
Our students are exposed and taught to deal with constantly unfolding unknowns. The goal is to train their mind to be alert, analyze and adapt at an accelerated pace, and swing into action early so that they can lead the change. If you are looking to invest in education that will go beyond your first job and give you a lifelong competitive edge, Navrachana University is where your search ends.
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