About us

Navrachana University was established through the Gujarat Private Universities Act, 2009 with the intent to offer superior education that befits the high educational standards of the Navrachana Educational Society in Vadodara. The University has embarked on a new educational paradigm that lays simultaneous emphasis on disciplinary education, inter-disciplinary education, professional education and general education. This paradigm is facilitated by the University’s unitary character and offers comprehensive learning and helps develop T-Shape students who have a breadth of knowledge though general and inter-disciplinary education and a depth of knowledge though focused disciplinary education.
There are five important aspects that direct the new educational paradigm at Navrachana University:

  • Professional education must prepare students with strong disciplinary insights needed to address the challenges confronting the professional community and inculcate a sense of lifelong learning to be successful and excel overtime.
  • Offer interdisciplinary education that cross-fertilize learning with new ideas from desperate disciplines so collision at the fringes raise appropriate questions and create innovation.
  • General education must inform students about the issues that arise in their lives, personally, professionally, and socially and help them to be reflective about their beliefs and choices, and their presuppositions and motivations.
  • Make the process of learning more effective through exposure into real working conditions by practically applying knowledge and skills learned in the classroom.
  • Invite students to work on “messy”, seemingly intractable problems through a focus on social entrepreneurship and address pressing problems in our immediate community. Disciplinary-specific entrepreneurship is being developed to create job creators who will create opportunities for themselves and for others.

Five schools make up the Navrachana University:

School of Liberal Studies and Education offers: BA(Journalism & Mass Communication), BEd., MSW and PhD.
School of Science offers: BSc., BSc-MSc Integrated(Biomedical), MSc(Chemistry), MSc(Life Science) and MSc(Biotechnology).
School of Environmental Design and Architecture offers: Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Design (Interior) and Bachelor of Design(Landscape).
School of Engineering and Technology offers: Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics, Civil and Computer Science and Engineering, Information Technology), BSc-Data Science, BCA and Master of Technology.
School of Business and Law offers: BBA, BBA-LLB and MBA.

All Educational Programs follow modular, semester-wise curricula and allow taking courses that cut across program boundaries. The unitary character allows the University to innovate new educational and pedagogic models grounded in interdisciplinary thinking and capitalize on the shared infrastructural and educational resources to achieve a rich academic and life experience.

Education is at the heart of human progress. It must be broad and encompassing and prepare students to engage with members of the society. Through a rigorous process embedded in curiosity and drive, students must gain appropriate knowledge needed to be successful, create innovation and foster economic growth.

Our mission is to create leaders who can bring about a change in local and national conditions, and create a difference, internationally through the power of high-quality education grounded in interdisciplinary thinking without sacrificing disciplinary education, while inculcating sensitivity towards the user, their profession, the society and the environment.

Rahul N Amin M. Engg. (Cornell, USA.) is the Chairman and Managing Director of Jyoti Limited, Vadodara. He has more than 30 years of experience in Business and Management. Mr. Amin is also Chairman of JSL Industries Limited. He is actively associated with various prestigious Professional Bodies, Academic Institutions, Charitable and other Trusts in India and abroad.

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