BSc-Data Science

Every facet of modern life from social networking to scientific research, finance to healthcare , produce an immense amount of data which needs to be analised and turned into intelligence for actionable insight. B.Sc Data Science is a unique Program designed to impart the essential skills to cater to the fastest growing trends in the industry. The curriculum is a blend of core and advanced speacialised courses in Statistics and predictive analytics using R, Python, Machine Learning , Data Visualisation with a strong foundation of Mathematics, Communication skills and entrepreneurship. Choice based electives from other Programs diversify the domain of knowledge in an interdisciplinary manner. Social connect is achieved through a hands on project KHOJ, in which the students get the opportunity to apply their education to bring social innovation in the community. Capstone projects I and II give the much needed hands on learning experience in the final year, where they can analyze and draw actionable inferences from a raw data using the analytics developed upon statistical and mathematical understanding.

Inter-disciplinary nature gives a holistic understanding of the real life complex data arising from the interlinking of multiple factors.

Electives in Economics, Game Theory, Operations Research, Fuzzy Logic, Cryptography and Number Theory impart flavors which can be pursued upon by students for diversifying the applications of data analytics.

Students who have completed 10+2 in Science stream (All Boards) are eligible for admission to BSc-Data Science Program.

Eligible students will be selected on the basis of interaction with the BSc Faculty (every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 9-4 pm starting from 16th May 2019) and on merit basis.

Eligible candidates are required to appear for interaction with experts of the school of Science and Engineering.


Candidates who have completed 10+2 in Science stream
(All Boards) are eligible for admission to BSc.

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