Dr. Payal Desai

Dr. Payal Desai

Associate Professor

Structural Engineering, SET, SEDA




Dr. Payal Desai completed her PhD from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in 2008. She attained her Masters and Bachelors from SVNIT, Surat. Her research areas include Plates, Shells, Solid mechanics, finite elements and other numerical methods, mechanics of laminated composites, refined higher – order theories, thermal stresses, computational solid mechanics, theoretical and applied mechanics.


She joined Navrachana University in 2012 as an Assistant Professor and has been an integral part of the academic team since.


Enthusiastic about her research, she believes that Multilayered composites have found wide use in many structures, especially and mainly in aerospace applications, where high strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios are required. Development of two-dimensional accurate numerical and analytical models, of physically three-dimensional structures and laminates, has been an area of active research since many years. Development of both continuum and discrete higher order deformation models for improving characteristics of the laminates and structures in the form of beams, plates and shells is essential.

Her aim to work in this research area is to gain theoretical understanding of how structures and solid objects react under stress. These areas have an immense application in field of both civil and aerospace engineering.

She has worked on refined higher order theory and shear-deformation plate theory due to Reissner and others, elastic – semi analytical and numerical solutions of three dimensional cylinders, shells and plates. Shear-deformation plate and shell theory which describes mathematically what happens to a flat surface when a force is applied to it. Engineers use it to analyze the external forces that act on structural surfaces like slabs, floors or the outer and inner skin of airplane wings.

In her research area, she has applied various models for analyzing finite length thick laminated and smart cylinders, laminated composite shells and circular plates under various loading conditions. A passionate researcher, she is also a wonderful guide to the students.

Papers in Referred Journals: 13
Book Chapter: 1
Sponsored Research Projects: 1 Ongoing

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