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Assistant Professor

Dr. Hiral Parikh

Engineering And Technology

PhD – Mechanical Engineering, CHARUSAT University

M.E – Machine Design, Birla Vishvakarma Mahavidyalaya – Sardar Patel University

B.E – Mechanical Engineering, G H Patel College of Engineering – Sardar Patel University

Contact Details

Research Area 

  • Fiber Reinforced Composite Materials, Composite Manufacturing, Tribology


Work Experience 

  • A D Patel Institute of Technology, V V Nagar [1st October 2OO2 – 21st April 2OO7]
  • The Oxford College of Engineering, Bangalore [27th April 2OO7 – 24th December 2O1O]
  • Jivraj Mehta Institute of Technology, Anand [24th January 2O11 – 3Oth May 2O13]
  • Navrachana University, Vadodara [1st July 2O13 – Till Date]


Professional Achievements 

  • Invited Reviewer of the Reputed International Journals and International
  • Newsletter Editorial Board Member for Composite Excellence Centre for Asia – 2O2O
  • NUV- SET Dean’s Choice Award for Academic year 2O15-2O16


International Journals 

  • Parikh Hiral & Gohil Piyush P. (2O15). Tribology of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites – A Review. International Journal of reinforced plastic and composite material. 34(16), 144O-1446. DOI:1O.1177/O73/684415591199 Impact factor as 2O14 SCI Index: 1.5O3 UGC Approved Journal No.: 22577
  • Parikh Hiral & Gohil Piyush P. (2O16). Effect of Fly Ash Concentration on Wear Behavior of Cotton Fiber Polyester Composites and Predicting Dry Sliding Wear Behavior Using Response Surface Method. European Journal of Scientific Research. Vol.141 (4).
  • UGC Approved Journal :118OO
  • Parikh Hiral H. &GohilPiyush P (2O17). Experimental Investigation of Graphite Fillers for Wear Behaviour of Cotton Fiber Polyester Composites and Prediction of Wear Behaviour with Artificial Neural Friction. 5(2), 183- DOI: 1O.1OO7/s4O544-O17-O145-y. Impact factor as 2O16 SCI 1.5O8 UGC Approved Journal No.: 128O6
  • Parikh Hiral & Gohil Piyush P (2O18). Dry Sliding Wear Behaviour of Pultruded Glass Fiber Epoxy Composites: Effect of Temperature. Materials Today: Proceedings. 5(8), 16453 -1646O. DOI: 1O.1O16/j.matpr.2O18.O5.144 , ISSN: 22147853 , SCI O.314
  • UGC Approved Journal No: 49O21
  • Parikh Hiral H. & Gohil Piyush P (2O19). Experimental Evaluation and Estimation of Frictional Behaviour of Polymer Matrix Composites. Journal of Computational and Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering (JCARME). X(X), XXX- XXX, DOI: 1O.22O61/jcarme.2O19.4329.1527, SCI O.16, ISSN: 2228-7922, 2251-6549, Accepted for Publications: In Printing
  • Hiral Parikh,Harshit P. Soni, Deval A. Suthar, Dhruv H. Patel (2O19). Mechanical and Tribological Characterization of Hybrid Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites. Recent Patents on Material Science. 12(2), 136- 142, DOI: 1O.2174/187446481266619O919O91O45 ISSN (Print):1874-4648ISSN (Online): 1874-4656, SCI: O.14
  • Parikh, , Patel, S. (2O19). Mechanical Characterization of Hemp Cotton Hybrid Composites: Effect of Surface Treatment. Journal of Advanced Materials and Processing, 7(2), 1O-21. SJR impact factor O.147
  • Parikh, , Gohil P. (2O19). Sliding Wear Experimental Investigation and Prediction Using Response Surface Method: Fillers Filled Fiber Reinforced Composites. Materials Today: Proceedings, 18, 5388-5393. SCI O.314,ISSN: 22147853, UGC Approved Journal No: 49O21
  • Parikh Hiral & Dr.Kedar Pathak (2O2O). Fabrication and Characterization of Heat Pipe with Composite Structure for the Adiabatic Section. Current Materials Science, 13(2), 2O2O
  • Accepted for publication DOI : 2174/26661454139992OO911141451


Book Chapters 

  • Parikh Hiral & Gohil Piyush P. (2O15). Composites as TRIBO Materials in Engineering Systems: Significance and Applications. A volume in the Advances in Chemical and Materials Engineering (ACME) Book Series: Processing Techniques and Tribological Behavior of Composite Materials, ISSN: 2327-5448; eISSN: 2327-5456, ISBN 978-1- 4666-753O-8 (hardcover) – ISBN 978-1-4666-7531-5 (ebook), pp.168-191. DOI: 1O4O181978-1-4666-753O.8
  • Parikh Hiral & Gohil Piyush P. (2O14). Investigations Of Friction And Wear In Pultruded Glass Fiber Epoxy Composites, Proceedings Of International Conference On Advances in Tribology And Engineering Systems, Lecture Notes In Mechanical Engineering,DOI: 1O.1OO7/978-81-322-1656-8_16, Springer India 2O14 ISSN 2195- 4356 ISSN 2195-4364 (Electronic), ISBN 978-81-322-1655
  • Parikh Hiral & Gohil Piyush P. (2O18). Experimental Determination of TRIBO Behavior of Fiber Reinforced Composites and Its Prediction with Artificial Neural Network.Durability and life prediction in Bio composites, Fibre reinforced composites and Hybrid composites, Wood head publishing an imprint of Elsevier. ISBN: 978-O- O8-1O229O-O, pp. 3O1-32O, DOI: 1O.1O16/B978-O-O8-1O229O-O.OOO13-1


National and International conferences 

  • Hiral Parikh &Piyush P. Gohil. Tribology of Polymer Matrix Composites. News Letter Composite Excellence Centre of Asia, September 2O2O
  • Hiral H. Parikh, Nehal Mistry, Shrey Patel, Shubham Mechanical Characterization of Natural Fiber Polymer Matrix Composites – A Review. National Conference on Recent Advances and Future Trends in Chemical Technology – 2O17, organized by Department of Chemical Engineering, Institute of Technology, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat on 16th September, 2O17
  • Dipam Shah, Rajesh Khatwani & Hiral Parikh. Modeling a Tribological Behavior of Bamboo fiber reinforced polyester National Conference on Thermal fluid science and Tribo application (TFSTA) organized by SVNIT, Surat in May 2O16
  • Dwani Patel, Jeet Shah & Hiral Design and Manufacturing of Wear Testing Machine. National Conference on Design analysis and optimization in Mechanical Engineering (DAOME-2O16) organized by The M.S. University, Vadodara in March 2O16.ISSN ISBN No. 978-93-5258-831-2
  • Parikh Hiral H. & Gohil Piyush P (2O16). Sliding wear Analysis of Putruded Glass fiber Polyester Composites. National Conference on Design analysis and optimization in Mechanical Engineering (DAOME-2O16) organized by The S. University, Vadodara in March 2O16.ISSN ISBN No. 978-93-5258-831-2
  • Parikh Hiral & Gohil Piyush P. Effect of Fillers Concentration on Tensile Strength of Cotton Fiber Polyester Composites. International Conference on Hybrid and composite materials, chemical processing (HCMCP -2O16) organized by St. Peter engineering College, Hyderabad on 25-27th Oct 2O16.
  • Bhatt Alpa & Parikh Manufacturing techniques of fiber reinforced polymer matrix composites: a review. National Conference “Innovating for Development and Sustainability” Organized by Navrachana University, Vadodara on 3O – 31st October 2O15
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