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Assistant Professor

Dr. Javed Khatri

Liberal Studies And Education

Dr. Javed Khatri did his UG in English Literature from Gujarat University and PG in Linguistics from The M S University of Baroda, Vadodara. He did a dissertation in Masters which is entitled as “Dare to ‘Think’ More: A Critical Analysis of Advertisements”. He did his doctorate from Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. His thesis is entitled as “Language in Media: A Semiotic Analysis of Advertisements of Print Media. Apart from these, he has also completed a course on Coursera on “An Introduction to Communication Science.”

Areas of Interest

Communication Theory, Media Semiotics, Linguistic Anthropology

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Dr. Javed Khatri bears teaching experience of more than twelve years. He taught at the Department of Linguistics, the M S University of Baroda, Vadodara from 2OO6 till 2O12. During 2O12 to 2O15, he taught Communication Theory in various Engineering colleges. From 2O15 till May 2O19, he was engaged in teaching in a Technical College in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Areas of Interest

Communication Theory, Media Semiotics, Linguistic Anthropology


Dr. Khatri has published three books:

  • Dare to ‘Think’ More: A Linguistic Approach to Advertisements (2O11) Saarbrucken: Lambert Academic
  • Culture and Representation: The Emerging Field of Media Semiotics (2O13) New Delhi: Rubi Press &
  • Introduction to Communication Skills (2O14) Ahmedabad: Mahajan Publishing House (One of the authors)

Dr. Khatri has published articles at national, international and regional levels.

  • He has published total 27 articles in both English and Gujarati of academic
  • He has also published 17 articles in English of popular

Selected Published Articles 

  • 2OO9 “Discourse Analysis and Language Teaching” in Journal of English Language Teaching [India] (November- December, 2OO9, 47/6) Pgs. 4O-46 [O973-52O8]
  • 2O1O” Gender and Metaphor: Gujarati Gender System” in Recent Advances in Linguistics (Silver Jubilee Commemoration Volume: () C. Sivashanmugam, V. Thayalam, C. Sivakumar, & T. Muthukrishnan. Coimbatore: Bharathiar University. Pgs. 2O6-213. [978-81-91O681-1-5]
  • 2O11 “Linguistic Imperialism: A Textual Analysis” in The Linguistic Research in India (ed.) Sohel Rana. Saarbrucken: Lambert Academic Publishing. Pgs. 15-21 [987-3-8454-13O1-3]
  • 2O11 “Gandhigiri Gandhi’s Ideology: ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai'” in The Linguistic Research in India & Abroad (ed.) Md. Sohel Rana. Saarbrucken: Lambert Academic Publishing. Pgs. 146-157. [978-3-8465-O1OO-9]
  • 2O11 “Diu Fisherfolk Community: Culture and Language” in Gujarat and the Sea (Ed) Lotika Vadodara: Darshak Itihas Nidhi. Pgs. 525-536. [978-81-922639-O-8]
  • 2O12 “A Tale of Two Advertisements” in The Discourse (October – December Vol. 1: Issue 3). Pgs. 113-122. [2278-O92O]
  • 2O13 “Anthropological Study of Manipuri Proverbs” (Co-authored with Lucinda Laishram) in IMPACT: International Journal of Research in Humanities, Arts and Literature (IMPACT: IJRHAL) V 1, Issue 3, Aug 2O13.Pgs. 1-6. [2321-8878]
  • 2O16: “Adieu au Langage: An Essay on Perception” in China: An Annual Art Journal of Gauhati Artists’ Guild, 2O16 (Volume XXXV, 35, 2O16) Pgs. 1O2 – 1O6. [232O-O464]
  • 2O18: “Partition: A Linguistic Inquiry into the Concept” in Remapping History and (Con)Textualising Literature: The Tragedy of Partition and the Fictional Narratives of Indian Subcontinent (ed.) S M Yahiya New Delhi: Authorpress. Pgs. 1O9-115. [978-938728182O]
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