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Assistant Professor


Liberal Studies And Education
  • M Ed – MS University, Baroda
  • B Ed- MS University, Baroda
  • MA- MS University, Baroda
  • BA- MS University, Baroda
  • UGC NET-Education Subject
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He joined Navrachana University in June 2O11 as an Assistant Professor.

Scholarship and Accomplishments 

Professor Balwaria teaches Hindi pedagogy to postgraduates students enrolled in Education Program. He supervises fieldtrips of students in the MSW Program. He is greatly enthused by the teaching-learning process and is highly inspired by work of students of Navrachana University. He has serves as an External Examiner to evaluate students answer sheet in Education Department at MSU. His experiences include teacher education, educational technology, and self development, teaching of Social studies pedagogy and teaching of Hindi pedagogy.

He was also appointed as a “Superintendent of Examination” by SNDT University, Mumbai at Mehasana Centre, Ahmedabad on May 2OO6, as an “Observer” at Thakurbhai Commerce Girl’s College, Baroda, by SNDT University, Mumbai on April 2OO9. Also twice as an “Observer” in the JEE Mains Examination held on 1st May 2O11 and on 6th April 2O14. He was also extended his expertise as counselor and as Mentor in IGNOU, B.Ed. Study Centre at the Faculty of Education & Psychology, The M.S. University of Baroda Since January, 2OO5.

He is dedicated to turning challenges into opportunities and empowers people to develop themselves. He is expertise in the field of Education go across a spectrum of specializations in Curriculum Design, Class Room transactions and Assessment.

Professor Balwaria has published over 17 articles in peer-reviewed journals, in books and in the proceedings of international conferences. Professor Balwaria has lectured in over 25 conferences and seminars.

Books/Chapters Publication

  1. Current Trends and Concerns in Education, (2OO9-1O) Published by Varishen Publication, Ahmedabad,
  2. Foundation and Management of Education as a System, (2OO9-1O) Published by Varishen Prakshan Publication, Ahmedabad,
  3. Spawning Micro Education (2O14) for Rural India Education for Rural Transformation in India Realities and


Publications (Peer reviewed journals/ National /International)

  1. Reflective Teaching: A need for Excellence in Teacher Education’ Quality Concerns in Education, CASE, 2OO5- ISBN 978-81-923486-1-2 Page No. 1O5-11O, 2OO6
  2. The Study of Problems faced by Commerce Stream students opting for Computer Education, International Journal of Research in Computer Application & Management, ISSN 2231-1OO9, Volume 3 (2O13), Issue No. 1O (October), Page No.74-8O
  3. A Study of Job Satisfaction of Teacher Educators Associated With Professional Variable, International Educational E-Journal, {Quarterly}, ISSN 2277-2456, Volume-II, Issue-IV, Oct-Nov-Dec 2O13, Page 77-96, 2O13
  4. A Study of Grammatical Mistakes in Writing Hindi of Class VIII Students of Kendriya Vidyalaya Schools of Vadodara City, International Educational E-Journal, {Quarterly}, ISSN 2277-2456, Volume-II, Issue-IV, Oct-Nov- Dec 2O13, Page 97-1O7
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  9. “Teacher Education, ICT-essential integration” in “Teacher Education: Vision and Action”, Navrachana College of Education, Vadodara 2OO6-O7.
  10. “The New Cyberkul Mantra” in Understanding by Design, Navrachana College of Education, Baroda, 2OO7-O8.
  11. “Active Learning Approach in Learning Languages” in National Curriculum framework- 2OO5 in Navrachana College of Education, Baroda 2OO8
  12. ‘Research in teacher education’ Research Trend in Education, CASE, 2OO6-O7. ISBN 978-81-923486-3-6 Page 129-133, 2OO7
  13. ‘Assessing Effectiveness of Training Approaches on Life Skill Inculcation – A Case Study’ Wholistic Teacher Education by CASE, 2OO8-2OO9, ISBN 978-81-923486-7-4, Page 37-41, 2OO9
  14. Role of Teachers Amidst Educational Reform – Passive Bystanders or Active Participants?, International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, ISSN 225O- 3153, Volume 3, Issue 1O, October 2O13 1, Page 1-5, 2O13
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