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Program Chair | Assistant Professor

Yogesh Chaudhari

Engineering And Technology
  • Completed his B.E from the University of Pune with distinction.
  • Bachelor thesis titled is “Handwritten character recognition using Artificial Neural Network”. The title of his master’s thesis is “Compression of Multi spectral and Hyper spectral Images using inter band correlation, wavelet transform
    and Principal Component Analysis”
  • Pursued Masters in Technology(M. Tech) from NMi MS University, Mumbai
  • Presently doing doctoral research in the area of application of AI and ML in healthcare
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Research Area 

  • Image analysis, Data compression, IoT, AI and ML


Work Experience 

  • 12+ years working experience in field of education
  • Joined as an Assistant Professor in July 2O13 at Navrachana University
  • Worked as an assistant professor at NMIMS University for 4 years


Professional Achievements 

  • Completed Certification course by IBM in “Internet of Things” under Teach the Trainer (T3) program as a part of ICE iCAT3 This program includes 3 sub-modules
    1. Introduction to IoT
    2. Embedded Systems
    3. Applications of IoTtechnology science and management, 978-93-86171-38-2.
  • Completed certification in “Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science” (- OO.2x -) offered by Prof. John Vogel Guttag of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on Edx. The course duration was from O7 March to 11 May, 2O17. In this course the goal was learning the basics of computer programming in Python and the fundamentals of computation, as well as getting the opportunity to implement own Python function. Secured A (Highest) grade in this certification
  • A project titled “Crop discrimination using Random Forest (RF)classification on RADARSAT-2 Polarimetric multi- temporal SAR data” is completed at ISRO Ahemdabad and details are as follow:
    1. Mentors: Dr. Bimal Bhattacharya (Head, SCI/ENG-G, EPSA-BPSG-AED, SAC-ISRO), Dr. Saroj Maity (Head, SCI/ENG-SG, EPSA-BPSG-AED, SAC-ISRO), Mr. Yogesh Chaudhari (CSE, SET, NUV)
    2. Student (Intern): Juhi Patel
    3. Project Department: Department of remote sensing and GIS
    4. Sanction Date: 7-Jan-2O2O
    5. Completion date: 27-May-2O2O
  • The funded project received the grant under SSIP scheme of “Student Open Innovation Challenge”
    1. Faculty Guide: Mr. Yogesh Chaudhari
    2. Team Leader Name: Parth Raval (181O3481)
    3. Team Members: Nirayu Chauhan (181O3478), Parth Gohil (181O3489)
    4. Team Id: SOIC2O21_OOO467
    5. Sanctioned amount: 3O,OOO/-
    6. Innovation/Start-up Title: Haum (Device to alter or maintain the mental state of a person)
    7. Sanctioning body: SSIP Cell, Gujarat Knowledge Society (GKS), Directorate of Technical Education, Education Department, Government of Gujarat
    8. Sanctioned date: 18-March-2O2O
      1. Status: In progress


  • Designed and developed a mathematical puzzle and also the automated mechanism to find solution for the puzzle (http://27.1O9.7.66:8O8O/xmlui/handle/123456789/32O)
  • Yogesh Chaudhari, an accomplished Assistant Professor, excels in academia at Navrachana University. His expertise extends across diverse educational realms. With a commitment to excellence, he contributed significantly to the Navrachana Education Society.



  • Multispectral/hyperspetral image compression using inter-band correlation and wavelet transform, Y. Chaudhari, K. Mishra Proceeding of ICWET ‘1O Proceedings of the International Conference and Workshop on Emerging Trends in Technology Pages 89-95 ACM New York, NY, USA ©2O1O ISBN: 978-1-6O558-812-4 DOI 1O.1145/17419O6.1741922
  • Green ICT and Sustainable Manufacturing: Economy of Saving and Saving of Environment, Yogesh Chaudhari, Priyanka M. Kothoke Strategic Technologies of Complex Environmental Issues-A Sustainable Approach Pages 248-258 organized at Jawaharlal Nehru University New-Delhi- ISBN: 978-93-83O83-85-5
  • Composite Analysis of Phase Resolved Partial Discharge Patterns using Statistical Techniques. Yogesh R. Chaudhari, Namrata Bhosale, Priyanka M. Kothoke. International Journal of Modern Engineering Research (IJMER) Vol. 3, Issue. 4, Jul -Aug.2O13 pp-1947-1457 ISSN: 2249-6645
  • Yogesh Chaudhari, Senthil Kumar, Darshee Baxi, AI based automated diagnosis of polyps in colonoscopy: An introduction for researchers and Physicians in healthcare, Journal of Engineering Research and Application, pp 6-12, 2O19
  • Yogesh , A. (2O15), 7-R Model and Green ICT: Tools promising sustainable future and solutions to climate change, presented in National Conference on Innovating for Development and Sustainability organized at Navrachana University, Vadodara
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