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BTech - Electrical and Electronics Engineering (with Minor Specialization in Internet of Things-IoT)


What is different about EEE at NUV than other Institutions?

At NUV the EEE student besides being taught the core subjects of the course offered, the students expose to the current trends in software market like Internet of Things-IoT that makes the candidate equally employable as compared to CSE and IT students to software sector as well.

Why to select EEE branch?

It is the combination of Electrical, Electronics along with computer engineering field knowledge like Internet of Things-IoT, so after graduation, two main doors will open for job seekers, (i) is all govt. electricity sector (i.e. GSECL, GUVNL, GETCO, MGVCL, PGVCL, DGVCL, UGVCL), all private electricity sector (i.e. torrent power, reliance power, Adani power), all PPP mode sector (i.e. BHEL, BEL, ONGC, etc) , Private sectors like L&T, Siemens, ABB, MG Motor (ii) all software and automation sectors where electronics and computer engineers are required.

How curriculum of NUV EEE is different from other institutions?

Feedbacks received about EEE curriculum from various industry Experts: “Industry ready curriculum”, “Job creator, start-up and entrepreneur based curriculum”. Computer Networking, Renewable energy sources, Smart grid courses and Internet of Things-IoT courses are also included in curriculum. This is a need of present market.

What about faculty qualifications and experience?

We have well qualified and experienced faculty from reputed Institute. All the faculties are permanent, enthusiastic and stable.

What about infrastructure facility in EEE Department?

We have hands on well-equipped laboratories with numbers of experiment set up and well maintained computer laboratory with all licence version required software.

What interesting and contemporary courses in this EEE program that help in grooming me for future?

We provide project-based learning in each semester, credit based internship & B.Tech projects from 3rd year onward in industry, one industrial visit per semester, lecture of various experts from industry & reputed institutions, arrangement of workshops from in-house and IITs, NITs experts, training related to recent trends of
EEE. Internet of Things-IoT courses are also added in EEE branch at NUV to enhance their computer field knowledge also.

Are the students placed in core company and in other?

Highest placements have been done in EEE branch with good average package of 4 lacs.(since 2012 first batch).

How students are prepared towards research?

Adopted project-based learning and research-based learning into curriculum. Technical reading is also important, so Critical thinking and technical reading/writing course is also added to improve technical skills into students.

How EEE is different than EE?

EE provides knowledge of concept related to core electrical engineering and EEE program provides knowledge of core Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering and Computer Engineering. At present scenario Computer and electronics knowledge are required to cope up with the digital problems and solutions.

EEE program at Navrachana University is of how much credits and duration?

EEE program at Navrachana University is of 160credits (with 12 extra credits on advanced Internet of Things-IoT) spread across 4 years with 8 semesters.

How to get admission? Is there any online form and if yes, please share link.

Please apply on the link: and you will have someone get in touch with you to help you further.

What is the fees structure and campus placement scenario at EEE?

We have sent you a DM with the link that will give you all the answers. If you want, I can have someone call you to solve your queries.

Are there any interdisciplinary course offered in EEE program?

Yes. Interdisciplinary courses are offered from various disciplines like Law, Management, Design, Architecture, Sciences, Education.

Is the EEE program offering any specialization?

Yes, EEE program is offering specialization of power system engineering, power electronics, Electronics communication and minor specialization of Internet of Things-IoT. Students can select core elective from specialization as well can learn extra credit from minor specialization.

Is Navrachana University recognized?

Yes, NUV has all the due recognitions and approvals from UGC, and other regulatory bodies for providing various graduate and post graduate level courses.

Is there any internship offered during the four years of the EEE program?

Yes, credit based internship is offered during the program.

Does the University help in getting the internship confirmed?

Yes, Internships are confirmed through the university, EEE faculties help to provide internship /projects to the students. However student wishes to pursue an internship/projects in a company of his/her choice can do so through formal approval of the program chair.

What kind of teaching methods are used at NUV?

Project & research based learning, Audio-video learning tools, field visits, projects and simulations, practical learning, presentations and viva along with lectures and faculty guidance for better understanding of topics.

What text books are required?

There are no fixed text books for any course in EEE program, still variety of reference books, online resources, research and review papers are used for teaching-learning process.

What extra-curricular activities are organised for students?

Engineer’s day celebration and inNUVate (a technical event) are the core technical events and competition for the students, Seminars and workshops are organised in which experts form in-house faculty, various industries as well as IITs & NITs experts give their views on technical topics of recent trends. International conferences are also organised in University.

Are students allowed to take part in events and competitions outside the University?

Yes, the students are encouraged and trained to take part in various events and competitions hosted by other organizations.

What are the other courses offered at Navrachana University?

Navrachana University offers over 27 courses across the field of Architecture and Design, Liberal studies and Education, Science, Business and Law along with engineering.

What facilities are provided at the university campus?

The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled by which students can use unlimited internet and the campus has large and small classrooms, library and auditorium, volleyball court, canteen.

Are there any opportunities for extra curricular activities at Navrachana University?

Yes, various clubs are there in the University like Sports, Dance, Music, Theatre, etc.

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