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BTech-Mechanical Engineering


Is Mechanical Engineering in Demand?

Mechanical Engineering is an Ever-Green Branch. The demand for Mechanical Engineers is high in India and abroad. A Mechanical Engineer has great opportunity for start-ups. They find jobs in Government, Public and Privates sectors. There are always vacancies for Mechanical Engineers in every sector. They get jobs in MNCs as well as small and medium scale industries. B.Tech/BE a Mechanical Engineer can also opt for M.Tech/MS in various specializations such as Thermal Engineering, Design and Robotics, Mechanical Handling and Automation, Mechanical Systems Design and Industrial Engineering.

Is Mechanical Engineering good branch?

If you like various kind of machines and fascinated by automobile, Air-conditioners, Fridge, Power plants, Refineries, Heat Exchangers and the design and manufacturing processes thrills you then mechanical engineering is the stream of your interests. Mechanical Engineering is an Ever-Green Branch of Engineering and as a career option a safe choice.

Is there any kind of extra-curricular activities are done in the Mechanical Engineering department?

Yes, we have different groups like automates, Q-lab where extra-curricular activities are under taken like competitions and extra learning and hands on about cars, engines, quadcopters, and some fun experiments like bottle rockets and much more. One can also work on their personal project in Q-lab.

Do the Mechanical Engineering have labs for regular sessions? How are they conducted and what all things are covered?

Mechanical engineering department has all the basic and advanced equipment in workshop, Automation Lab, Heat Transfer Lab, Fluid Machine Lab, Fluid Mechanics Lab, Engine Lab, Refrigeration and Airconditioning Lab, Kinematics and Design lab, Engineering Graphics lab. It also has software like MatLab, AutoCad, Creo and ANSYS. The hands on in these labs and software is the part of the curriculum itself.

Is your university autonomous? What are the advantages?

Yes, it is formed under state private University Act. It is approved by UGC and has flexibility to change and update curriculum, designed to suit the present need of the industry. Soft skills and industrial training are part of the curriculum. Few courses are taught by industry experts.

Do you have any agents through whom we can apply?

We do not have any agents through whom you can apply. Students/ Parents should contact Navrachana University directly for any information/admission.

Do you have internet facilities at University?

Yes, the internet and wi-fi facilities are available to students and staff free of cost.

Is there any donation or management quota seats you have?

No, university doesn’t ask for any donations to admit students. All the students admitted in engineering programs have same fees. University doesn’t have management quota. Navrachana University admits students on the basis of merit only.

Do you have sports facilities? How do you support for sports people?

NUV has sports facilities for basketball, table tennis etc in-house as well for outdoor games like cricket, football, swimming etc on sharing basis with NISV. We have a full time Coach at Navrachana University for Coaching and supporting sport activities. NUV also has sports room. Relaxation in attendance is given to students representing university, district, state or nation at any sports event. we had given to Bisht when he represented state at national football tournament.

How the students are trained in mechanical engineering department?

In Mechanical Engineering department students are trained through Lectures, Tutorials, assignments, laboratory classes, flip classrooms, Presentations, Industry visits, guest lectures, Computer software training, Workshops, seminars, internships, Hands on projects and they are also exposed on how to prepare for competitive exams. The major focus is on hand on and practical sessions

What is the strength of Mechanical engineering department?

The strength of Mechanical Engineering department at NUV is “Faculty Members” of the department. All of them have pursued their degrees from premier institutes and Universities of India (IITs) and Universities in US. Their domain knowledge, expertise and research abilities are unparalleled.

What is different in Mechanical@NUV compared to mechanical at other college/universities?

Our faculties are our department pillars. We have 7 faculties in department 3 PhDs , 3 are pursuing PhDs and one faculty who is not pursuing PhD is Masters from IIT Roorkee. Even our Academic associate is a gold medallist. the quality of faculties is because of the strict scrutiny of them at the time of their recruitment. No college/university has such a combination of faculty with research background and subject knowledge. This profile and experience help faculty in delivery the lectures by examples and give better understanding.

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