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What is the number of faculty members in CSE?

We have 9 highly experienced faculty members with expertise in different disciplines of Computer Engineering.

What is the area of interest and their expertise in CSE?

Recent technologies and trends that are widely practiced in MNCs. Some of these include:

Cyber security, Internet of Things, Data Mining, Big data, Database Management System, Computer Network, Information Security, C, C++, JAVA, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Microprocessor, Machine Learning/Deep Learning, Data Science.

What opportunities are available after competition of graduation in CSE?
  1. Opportunities to go for higher studies
  2. Get Placed at well-known companies MNC
  3. Become an Entrepreneur

After completing graduation in CSE, students can go for further education like masters or they can opt for job opportunities as per their interest area in CSE such as Database Management, Networking, Programming, Software Developer, Application Manager, Web Developer, Technical Writer, Data Scientist, Cyber security analyst, database administrator, and network administrator.

How many funded projects a department of CSE are having?

There are 2 funded projects, each from

  1. Defense Research & Development Organization (DRDO)
  2. Gujarat Knowledge Society, (GKS)

Both are done under guidance of faculty members of CSE

Infrastructure (labs, software etc) available CSE

We have 8 well-structured computer laboratories equipped with latest hardware and necessary software in accordance to the curriculum.

How detailed the syllabus is and its appropriateness for CSE?

Every semester i.e. at the commencement of every semester we upgrade syllabus to make student future ready according to current MNC requirements.

Industrial exposure given to the students of CSE

We organize Industrial Visit /Industrial Training/Workshop/Seminar to give students experience and exposure of Industry

Placement data of students from and CSE

21 students got placed from 2016 batch and 10 students from 2017 batch are placed. The placement activity is still going on for 2017 batch.

Scholarship/loan facility available for student taking the admission in CSE.

Yes, at NUV, the scholarship is provided to reward high academic achievement. There are 8 Scholarships available to entering B.Tech. students in each stream of engineering who are within the 1-8000 ACPC merit rank.

Assurance regarding the continuation of the course (B. Tech CSE) in future

NUV is best well known among Gujarat State and other state as well. We undergo different educational activities for our students’ career so that they can excel in career. With the brightest scope for graduates, we are confident about continuation of B Tech CSE in future too.

Fees structure for four years of B Tech CSE

All the candidates who are offered admission are required to pay Fee for the First Semester and Caution Deposit of Rs. 10,000/- (One Time Refundable) at the time of admission. Admission will be confirmed only on the basis of full payment of first semester’s fee along with applicable caution deposit. Fees to be paid by DD, at the time of confirmed admission. Subsequently the fees are paid at the start/registration of each semester through DD/ Depositing Cash to Bank/Online Payment through Internet Payment Gateway

Are there any internship/placement opportunities available for CSE students?

Yes of Course we have signed many MOU’s with small/large scale IT industry due to which they get highly trained and understand the need of technologies they should be aware of and educate themselves during this internship.

How many value-added courses are happening in the CSE and their details?
  1. Personality development
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. Latest trending technologies are included in curriculum

Currently, there is one value-added course is happening in CSE which is of Internet of Things developed by IBM. Moreover, we are planning to commence other courses such as Cyber Security, Big Data, etc.

Are the students being trained for any competitive exam in CSE?

Our faculty members conduct and guide students specifically for GATE / CAT / PSU and Government jobs. In fact, from coming academic year CSE department has a plan to conceptualize dedicated section for competitive exam preparation.

Is the department of B Tech CSE is accredited by governing body?

Yes, Navrachana University, Vadodara (NUV) is a Private University recognized by UGC. As part of its inspection process UGC and AICTE has approved the compliances of the University to their standards. This information is available on the UGC website.

How many companies are tied up or merged with the CSE?

University has tied up with IBM, Dhyey Consultancy, Rishabh Software, and Confidosoft. Additionally, Rishabh Software and Confidosoft have taken trainees and interns from us to groom them either for various jobs or for specific projects.

Moreover, we have last semester that is completely dedicated to internship. So, the students can get the industry exposure.

What is the highest qualification of staff members of CSE?

The highest qualification of our faculty members is Ph.D., Three faculties are pursuing Ph.D. and few have registered and rest all are M. Tech/ M. E. qualified with good academic record.

Is there any co-curricular or extra-curricular activities are carried out in the CSE department?

Yes we carry out many activities to boost their confidence by organizing cultural, sports activities. There are plenty of curricular activities are carried by CSE department such inNUVate (Mega tech-fest of Navrachana University), hackathon, NUVDeep (Diwali Celebration), NUVkhelaiya (Navratri Celebration) sports fiesta, talent hunt, teacher’s day, cultural week etc.

Is there any start-up activity (i.e. Incubation Center, Center of Excellence, etc.) carried out in the department of CSE?

Yes. Under the Center of Excellence and SSIP, we are organizing various workshops, seminars, certificate courses such as workshop on Machine Learning, game development, Internet of Things, Cyber Security.

What is the curriculum structure of CSE department? (i.e. Exam structure, Evaluation, Practical or application-oriented knowledge, etc.)

For latest Curriculum visit NUV’s official website. The Navrachana University follows a semester system with 10 Point Grading system where each semester will have Semester Grade Points Aggregate (SGPA) on the basis of credit and points earned in each course and CGPA on cumulative performance throughout the academic tenure from all the courses. Grading in a course is based on continues evaluation throughout the semester which involves quizzes, assignments, projects, mid-semester exams, practical’s and semester examination.

What is the student to faculty ratio in the CSE department?

The student to teacher ratio is approximately 1:30

Is there any student chapter in CSE department?

We have two student chapters ACM (Paid), DSC (Developers Student Club), Mozilla. We are planning to initiate the IEEE student chapter.

Is there any industrial visit conducted for CSE students?

Yes, the industrial visit is conducted at least twice during the graduation period.

Is there any research lab available for CSE students?

Yes, at NUV research labs like R&D labs, Q-Lab, IoT lab, Web development labs, Graphics lab, Advance Microprocessor lab are few of the labs that ensure conducive environment to perform practical/hands on and implement projects.

What are the job opportunities a student has after graduating from CSE?

Many students of CSE students placed in well-known companies with highest package of 6.00/LPA. Student has plenty of opportunities after graduating from CSE. There many jobs available in program developer, testing, quality assurance, cyber security analyst, game developer, software developer, system administrator, Networking jobs, database analyst, etc. Government funds for start-up activity in CSE field.

Any remarkable achievement of students of CSE.

CSE student have opportunity to work with ISRO. Students have started the Cyber Society under which they carry out plenty of technical events, workshops, and seminar and build an opportunity for the different level students. CSE students are doing an internship and placed in different well-known computer industries such as Rishabh Software, Dhyey Consultancy where they work as personnel. Few of the students are running their own company in which they execute various start-ups and projects.

Why should I study computer science & engineering (CSE) and at NUV?
  1. Reputed AICTE and UGC recognized best Gujarat Private University
  2. Well accommodated labs and classrooms
  3. Highly qualified and efficient faculty
  4. Best TPO/Entrepreneurship cell
  5. University ambience is very pleasant
  6. Industry oriented final year project.

CSE is having many opportunities like startup and job perspective. The one should opt for CSE at NUV as here syllabus is getting updated every year to match the current scenario of industry requirements. Focus on project based learning and different teaching pedagogy.

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