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Navrachana University offers specialization - M. Tech in Structural Engineering and BTech with minor in Construction Engineering


How is the profile of civil engineering faculties at Navrachana University?

Civil engineering department in Navrachana University has highly educated and experienced faculties. The complete profile of faculties is available on

Does a civil engineer always have to work on field?

Not necessary, civil engineering applications are mixture of office jobs and on-site jobs. It varies according to the opted work profile of an individual.

What is the outline of civil engineering course in Navrachana University?

The Civil Engineering program at Navrachana University concentrates on a multidimensional growth of students by laying strong emphasis on structural Engineering, water resources, geology and geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering, environmental engineering and surveying. The curriculum is designed to impart comprehensive knowledge in humanities, social sciences and basic sciences.

A. Program also lays substantial importance on infrastructure management through subjects like roads, harbors, railways, airports, highways, substructure and superstructure. Inclusion of interdisciplinary subjects such as computational mechanics which is a combination of mechanics, mathematics and computers science in the program ensures multifaceted growth of students.

B. Curriculum also comprises of group projects in rd and th year of the program which enables the students to apply core theoretical and practical fundamentals of the discipline in either industry faced problems or fundamental research. This program leads to evolution of students into confident and assertive individuals, competent to flourish in any profession (industrial work, research, entrepreneurship) they choose to pursue.

Civil Engineering course distribution at NUV


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