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BA Journalism & Mass Communication Program


What are the courses offered in Journalism and Mass Communication at Navrachana University?

We offer one undergraduate programs at Navrachana University i.e. a BA Journalism and Mass Communication (BA-JMC).

Do you have the facility for doctoral studies in Journalism & Mass Communication?

Yes. We do have doctoral level program.

What kind of financial support do you offer?

Meritorious students can avail scholarships opportunities.

Do I need to complete an internship as part of my BA program?

Yes. There are 2 internships offered in the program. One is in the 5th semester and the other is in the 6th semester, both are of 6-8 weeks in duration.

What is the duration of the program?

It is a 3-year program spread across 6 semesters.

What is total credit of the program?

Total credit of the program is 144.

How will the basic graduation course in mass communication help me?

In today’s scenario gone are the days when we needed a specialist-specialist, now there is a need for a generalist specialist and that’s what this course will help you with at a basic graduation level. Also, this course will help you with one of the most desired skills of today and tomorrow i.e. critical thinking.

You get exposed to many segments within the course and learn each segment such as film making, advertising, public relations, photo-journalism, environmental journalism and more. Later, you can choose the specific focus for your postgraduation.

What unique advantage does the BA-JMC program at Navrachana University provide?

With an extremely practical approach, the program creates industry-ready professionals. This field needs a lot of on-ground practice and hands-on working experience which can make you a better media professional. Most of the assignments/project work etc. is practical in nature. Also, a lot of emphasis is given on industry visits, guest lectures, field visits and internships.

I don't want to become a journalist. Does this program open up other career options?

Yes. There is a plethora of career options you can choose from. Journalism and Mass Communication Course doesn’t limit your options to being a journalist. You can opt for electives like advertising, event management, film making etc. This course lets you understand the different career options in media and then make an informed selection for your specialisation.

I am interested in specific subject in which I want to pursue my career, e.g. photography. How would this course help me?

The course is designed by the experts in the academics as well the stalwarts from the industry. The course creates a strong foundation on which students can build any media career of their choice. In case of photography, it is not just the practical classes but the various other learnings which eventually would help a student to become professional photographer.

What are the faculty members like?

The success of any course heavily depends on the faculty members. At BA-JMC, we have a perfect mix of experts from strong academic background and at the same time we have faculty members who have spent decades in the field of media and mass communication.

Apart from that the Department has strong association with the Visiting Faculty Members from industry and academics who engage with students regularly at different levels. We have faculty members who have expertise in the different fields like Television, Print Media, Advertising, Public Relations, New Media and Filmmaking.

What kind of support would I get as far as Campus Placement is concerned?

At Navrachana University, we have a full-fledged Campus Placement Cell. The cell continuously communicates with students regarding their area of interest, their academic performance and various other factors.

Our faculty members have cultivated strong connections with multiple institutions, and through the placement cell that works all year round, students can get in touch with the multiple companies and organisations. Additionally, our strong alumni is spread out in different fields of the media industry.

Do I have to appear for Entrance Test? What are the selection criteria?

At Navrachana University, during the admission process potential students are evaluated based on their aptitude. We do have the aptitude test to assess the ability of the students to grasp the course in the most effective manner.

What are the facilities provided?

We have a full-fledged Media Studio and Computer Lab with audio-visual equipment for creating content on different media platforms.

Is there any exposure to real field?

We organise field visits to TV Studios, Radio, Production Studios, Advertising and PR Agencies and Film-making Workshops. We also have very active TV Club, Radio Club, Photography Club and Film Club.

What is the portfolio of our students?

Our students develop a broad range of skills that makes them the jack of all the trades and gain in-depth understanding that makes them a master of their specialisation. They are very well-versed with production Setups, Event Managements, Anchoring, Photography, Videography, Ad Designing, Graphic Designing, Editing, Film-making etc.

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