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Massive disruptions, intense competitiveness, amplified focus on sustainability and highly volatile global dynamics are the truth of our times. At Navrachana University we are acutely aware that students who want to be successful in their professional and personal life, need to possess more than just academic knowledge.
They need to become team players and refine their creative skills to be able to solve new-age challenges. They need to nurture and grow their social, psychological, emotional, and ethical quotients. They need to internalise the lessons that playing a sport teaches - that victory and losses are sides of the same coin and not to get disheartened by setbacks. Thus, at Navrachana we focus on holistic development of our students that goes beyond books and includes art, culture, sports, student-organized seminars, field trips, etc.








Alumni Connect - NUVAA

The Navrachana University Vadodara Alumni Association (NUVAA) is a celebration of the uniqueness of the 'NAVRACHANA' experience. The association works to foster a long-lasting bond between the Alumni, NUV, and the Professional Community.
Our 3,313+ graduates have gone on to reach for the stars, create cultural phenomena and lead the country in different sectors. But no matter where they go, they remain a part of the NUV family and network, always.
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NUVAA Membership Benefits

Free access to the NUV Library for one year (reading only)
Use of NUV auditorium, galleries and conference rooms for meetings
Mentor students to find a professional fit
Recruit students
Raise funds for student activities
Organize Student Club activities
Host the Alumni Day/Annual Meet – a full-day event clubbed with NUV Convocation
Organize Convocation in collaboration with NUV
Invitation to NUV's cultural events and academic activities

What Students Say

Navrachana helped me grow overall, manage my studies with extracurricular activities and made me a complete student. By the time I graduated, I was ready for the outside world. It helped me finesse my leadership qualities and it was one of the best times of my career until now.
Binyaz Ilavia
BSc Biochemistry (2015-18)
MSc Life Science (2018-20)
I had the opportunity to present at an international conference, get hands-on training programs, go on field trips which helped me discover my capabilities and also make new connections. The pedagogy keeps pace with current trends and technology, helping students be more creative and engaged in their courses. Along with the course work, it was fun participating in co-curricular activities. The learnings, club activities and festival celebrations at NUV will always be cherished.
Harsh Shah
MSc Life Science (2018-20)
Education is all about exploring our inner abilities and learning new things. During the last four years, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience through both - practical and theoretical exposure. I have not only learned things - but also applied it in real world scenarios. I can't thank enough, the diligent and supportive staff at the University, who has helped empower me through all aspects of personality development.
Naisargi Dholakia
MSc Life Science (2018-20)


While the canteen is inviting, and a bag of chips even more so, the University invites you to stay fit and healthy too. The campus has a volleyball court, table tennis, cricket and football equipment, along with indoor sports and recreational activities.

Art & Culture

A world beyond books must include Art & Culture with a dose of fun and lots of joy. Here are two of NUV's most anticipated cultural events:
NUV Khelaiya
Every year Gujarat comes alive and celebrates Navratri with great style and pomp! It is no different on our campus during NUV Khelaiya – students celebrate with dizzying fervor either doing the garba or cheering their friends while enjoying the festivities.
The annual youth fest of the University is a celebration of youth. It is a showcase of self-expressions and creative instincts with activities that span a wide spectrum of interests, including Rangoli, Sketching, Painting, Robotics Cars, Recycled Scrap Art, Singing, Dance, Fashion Shows, Concerts and more.

Job Creators

At Navrachana we encourage our students to be trailblazers, embrace entrepreneurial thinking and make a difference for the betterment of society, by becoming job creators rather than job seekers.
Spirit of Innovation and Startup
Navrachana University, in order to support the spirit of Innovation and Startups has collaborated with Student Startup and Innovation Policy, a Government of Gujarat initiative, and created a fund of INR 150 lakh spread over five years of implementation. NUV will support proof of concepts and IPR publications in this endeavor. The funds will be utilized to promote innovations leading to entrepreneurial ventures.
The idea is to support capacity building workshops and events which will imbue the spirit of innovation and startups in NUV students, staff and faculty, and help create Job Creators instead of Job Seekers.
Khoj Program
Through Khoj, an interdisciplinary program, the University provides students with the opportunity to focus on community issues, alongside the chance to work with fellow students from across the campus, hone their problem-solving skills and create practical social innovations.

Technical Festivals

At Navrachana University, we believe a well-rounded education must be aided by interactions with industry experts with real-world experience.
Entrepreneurship Summit, 2020
School of Business and Law organized the Second Entrepreneurship Summit on 7-8 February 2020. The Summit provided a unique opportunity for young and potential entrepreneurs to interact with local business leaders and successful entrepreneurs.
Phrenics sessions are a series of interactive sessions hosted by students, wherein the experts and students deliver a talk, enhancing the knowledge of all. Its nature of being out-of-the-box makes it an attractive segment of our activities. Phrenics also includes a unique segment called 'How does a city work?' followed by science-based fun games.


InNUVate 2019 was a two-day National Level Technical Festival organized by the School of Engineering and Technology. It is a synergy of tech events and non-tech events. InNUVate includes non-technical events like box cricket league, football league, basketball and table tennis events. Popular games like evening treasure hunt, FIFA19 and Counter-Strike GO were also part of past editions in the non-technical section, alongside many external startup workshops and much more.
TechNUVate 2019, was a two-day IT fest organized by Computers@NUV, a student led club by the BCA Program. The fest hosted technical events like Softgyan - Technical Quiz, Write It Up, Sync It, Shutter Up - a photoshop editing event. Many popular non-technical events such as Pawnt, Beat The CLAN-CounterStrike and Box Cricket Tournament has received huge participation. The fest also organized a workshop on Ethical Hacking and Machine Learning.

Student Engagement Activities

National Conferences
NUV’s national conferences benefit students and the academic community alike. For example, in December 2021, the SBL hosted an online national conference on "Managing People, Planet and Profit (3Ps) in COVID World" where academicians, research scholars, management consultants, industrial experts and students were invited.


International Conferences
NUV's acclaimed international academic and educational conferences are great for students to discover what's new in their field of study, on a broad, global scale.
Celebrity Lectures – NUV Samvaad
Samvaad is a celebrity public lecture series hosted annually by NUV. The program provides the participants with a rare platform to engage in stimulating discourse and dialogue with eminent personalities from various walks of life.


Expert Sessions
Industry experts share their knowledge of the field, giving students invaluable real-world perspectives that go beyond their books.
Seminars & Workshops
NUV's seminars and workshops offer platforms for students to not only learn new aspects, and latest information, but are also great for networking.
National Cadet Corps (NCC)
National Cadet Corps (NCC) at Navrachana University was started in 2020-21 with an approved intake of 120 cadets. It is part of one of the Gujarat Comp Units of NCC headquartered at Vadodara. Both boy cadets and girl cadets are eligible to enroll at NUV for NCC.


International Cell

The International Cell (IC) at NUV has been set up to support the University's endeavors to internationalize the campus and curricula. The IC will assist in developing an extensive network with Universities and Institutions worldwide via international collaborations at many levels, namely MoUs with universities abroad, joint academic programs, summer/winter internships, student/faculty exchange programs, distinguished visiting professors, lecture series, and more.
Programs & Initiatives
  • Masters Admissions
  • Online Preparatory Course Classes: IELTS
  • Group Counseling Sessions for Study Abroad; Individual Counseling Sessions
    (as per request/need)
  • Parent Counseling
  • International University/College Admission Applications
  • Visa Guidance & Preparation; Interview Preparation
  • Spot Admissions
  • Scholarships
  • International Alumni Connect
  • Webinars with Learned International Personnel/University Representatives
  • Online Short Certificate Courses; Summer/Winter Certificate Programs - 3 weeks/4 weeks
Proposed Activities
Student Exchanges | Dual Degree/International University Course Delivery | International University's Campus Detour International Student Admissions | Student Counseling | Assistance at any point during the process

What Students Say

My experience at Carleton University has been a wonderful balance of knowledge, skills, fun and friendship. The learning environment not only helped me in imbibing knowledge but also in developing my overall personality and fuelled my confidence. I carry with me beautiful memories from my experience at Carleton and will always cherish them. Thank you, Carleton University, and UGF for making this journey so pleasant.
Patel Kirtankumar
This summer, I got the opportunity to attend the Summer Certification Program in the field of Mechanical Engineering at Carleton University, Ottawa where I chose to focus on Mechatronics for a month. Carleton University is an amazing place to study. The breath-taking views from the university provided a calm and natural environment for studying. The education system itself was made more engaging and fun, making studying of tough subjects very enjoyable. The professors of the department were very generous and supportive. I would definitely consider studying at Carleton University for my further studies.
Patel Divyang
I chose to do the Summer Certification Program at Carleton University, Ottawa in the field Mechanical Engineering, focusing on Mechatronics. Carleton University is an awesome place to study, with a wonderful natural environment surrounding it. I enjoyed the course of my stay there, right from the teaching imparted by supportive professors to the respectful environment that even honours Gandhiji, with a lovely sculpture on campus. I would definitely like to return to Carleton for my future studies.
Bhatt Manan

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