Exhaustive Professional Degree
BArch is an extensive five year degree program, that creates an in-depth professional outlook of the students. The degree serves as an excellent springboard for an independent career in design practice, academics, research or even higher studies.
Need for Creative Architects
As Indian cities experience rapid urbanization, there is always a need for well qualified and creative architects that can participate in nation building.
It’s All About Passion and Creativity
Architects as professionals are known for their passionate outlook and their love for the field. Architecture becomes not just any other job but a life defining and life changing profession. Architects enjoy strong bonds of comradeship and continue to learn new things all their life.
Wide Choice for Further Studies
It also opens up a host of options for higher education in India and abroad. Over and above an MArch, students have a wide variety of interesting Masters courses to choose from, including MArch in Landscape Design, MArch in Conservation and Restoration, Master's in Urban Planning, Master's in Urban Design and MDesign in Furniture.
The School of Environmental Design and Architecture (SEDA) is at the forefront of cutting-edge innovative design education. Creativity and critical thinking are the bedrock around which teaching is organized. The unique features of SEDA are the intensive use of workshop for Studio, Construction and its History based courses.
Our students learn to respond to our natural environment and cater to spatial needs and aspirations of individuals and the society. SEDA has some of the most talented and passionate, internationally acclaimed faculty members, who not only teach but also practice architecture.
The School has been established to offer broad-based education in Architecture and Design keeping the future needs of the industry and the concerns of the society in mind.
The following degree programs are offered by SEDA - Bachelor's Program in Architecture (BArch) and Bachelor's Program in Design (BDesign ? Interior/Landscape).
In our Bachelor of Architecture program, we believe in learning by doing, and a major portion of the curriculum focuses on hands on learning. By following the Problem Based Learning (PBL) approach, we ensure emphasis is given to the thought process, rather than final output. Through the program, students will enjoy the benefits of working at our state-of-the-art facilities, like the SEDA Material Lab, wood workshop, pottery and photography labs.
Our Architecture program goes beyond just training students to fit into the professional field. It introduces and develops the skills and knowledge necessary for contemporary architectural practice.
The program is designed with an objective to widen students' knowledge, to help cultivate the right kind of values, ethics and attitude required for being a socially responsive citizen. This includes in-depth studies about societies and its historic context in different regions of India and beyond, international influences and the evolving value of our society, Art and Craft of different regions, the changing economy and also increasing awareness about the environment.
B-Arch @ NUV Advantage
In the first 3 years, students are introduced to diverse ways of design thinking; followed by the freedom to pursue a specialized area in design
Interdisciplinary approach for holistic learning
Studios remain open beyond regular class hours to encourage participation and promote synergy and group dynamics required to foster a shared learning process
Students are encouraged to have a dialogue with the community, addressing their issues through various design approaches
Extra-mural activities in the field of technology, arts and culture
Well-structured classroom sessions, and close personal interaction with faculty
Regular workshops, talks and interactive sessions with industry experts
Experiential learning through Relative Study Tour Programs
Case studies and projects for application of concepts to real-life situations
Programed self-learning and group learning
Internship & Research Project
As a part of the curriculum, the 8th semester BArch students are required to undergo practical training/internships at architectural offices for a duration of 6 months.
Program Details
10 Semesters   |   Class size 40
Specialization in contemporary field
Admission Process
Full-time | Five-year | Undergraduate Degree Program
Candidates applying under and category must register with ACPC (www.jacpcldce.ac.in) for admission in BArch program
  • The candidates must first register with ACPC
  • Additional form for this category would be made available on Navrachana University website after the declaration of admission schedule by ACPC
  • Please note that after registration with ACPC, candidates must submit a completed MQ/NRI form with the necessary documents at School of Environmental Design and Architecture, Navrachana University
  • University will declare inter-se merit list of the applicants based on ACPC score on the Navrachana University website for this category
  • The admission would be offered based on this merit list
  • Open category: 20 seats (allocation by ACPC)
  • EWS category: 8 seats (allocation by ACPC)
  • Management / NRI category: 20 seats
  • Limited number of Merit Scholarships are available to meritorious students, who are in top 100 in the ACPC list
  • The scholarship is offered to students whose parents’ combined income does not exceed 6 lakh rupees per year
  • Interested candidates must meet Admin Department after seeking admission
Limited accommodation facilities available for outstation students.
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The world you will encounter when you graduate three or four years from now, will not look anything like what it was when the textbooks were written. To ensure our students excel in a world that is changing at a never before rate, we at Navrachana University have developed a holistic curriculum wherein the emphasis is not just on gathering knowledge but on 'informed application in the real world'.
Our students are exposed and taught to deal with constantly unfolding unknowns. The goal is to train their mind to be alert, analyse and adapt at an accelerated pace, and swing into action early so that they can lead the change. If you are looking to invest in education that will go beyond your first job and give you a lifelong competitive edge, Navrachana University is where your search ends.
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