Know Your Faculty

Navrachana faculty members are an acclaimed group of scholars and researchers whose teaching is augmented by the contemporariness of their academic knowledge and real world experience. Together they create a unique academic environment that stimulates creativity and critical thinking. Not only are they eminently capable teachers but also compassionate mentors to students.
Dr. P. V. Xavier
Associate Dean
Dr. Archana Tomar
Program Chair
Dr. Jigar Shah
Program Chair
Dr. Mandira Sikdar
Program Chair
Akhila C.K
Dr. Javed Khatri
Assistant Professor
Dr. Rishiraj Balwaria
Assistant Professor
Dr. Vaibhavi Pandya
Assistant Professor
Dr. Valli Pillai
Assistant Professor
Dr. Vandana Talegaonkar
Associate Professor
Hitarth Pandya
Assistant Professor
Krishna Trivedi
Academic Associate
Priyanka Shah
Assistant Professor
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